The 2019 world football price list is now the first in football Neymar 2.29 billion_1

The 2019 world football price list is now the first in football Neymar 2.2.9 billion
Football market news, KPMG accounting statistics, Neymar’s worth is 2.2.9 billion euros, the first in football.  KPMG statistics pointed out that there are three players in the world football worth more than 200 million euros.Ronaldo is worth 1.07 million Neymar to 2.2.9 billion ranked first, his Paris teammate Mbappe took 2.15 billion ranked second, Barcelona superstar Messi to 2.03 billion ranked third.Mbappe ranks fifth in the world, Salah is worth 1.68 billion, ranking fourth, Kane worth 1.51 billion, ranking fifth.Extended reading: Messi’s 6 major records that may be broken in 2019 Messi’s baseline to be surpassed Barcelona’s official website at the beginning of 2018 The highest click-through rate video ranking Messi documentary No. 1 Barcelona’s latest schedule in January 2019 Messi’s recent schedule Juventus superstarRonaldo’s worth is 1.07 billion, ranking 12th.In addition to Ronaldo, among the top 20, Dybala (95 million) and Icardi (90 million) placed Serie A stars.Extended reading: France 2018 footballer Mbappe won Mbappe’s annual salary and the world’s first Champions League 2018. The latest qualifying situation: Paris team top promotion to Mbappe’s performance eye-catching Copa Award named France’s first Golden Globe winner named MbappechengThe original title of the first winner: KPMG’s price list: Neymar 2.2.9 billion euros pressure Mbappe Messi Ronaldo 12th