The top three of the 2015 parkour contest Beijing station reached the national finals_1

The top three of the 2015 parkour contest Beijing station advanced to the national finals
In the 2015 Red Bull National Parkour Contest in Beijing, the game started fiercely on the 30th. 24 masters passed the qualifying and the knockout ranked the seat. Sun Qi from Henan went all the way through to the end, finally 26.With 9 points to win the championship, Li Youqing and Li Xingnan won two or three places, and all three of them won the opportunity to directly advance to the National Finals.  The competition venue is located in the Beijing Bird’s Nest Cultural Center, which was just completed this year. The cement wall array of the lower square of the outer court is composed of several sets of cement wall panels distributed stepwise and erected on the ground. The overall surface is 20 meters wide, 6 meters deep, and the highest point distanceThe ground is up to 12 meters, the width of the cement wall panel is only 6 cm, and the horizontal distance between the optional walls is 1.5 meters.This kind of venue fully embodies the characteristics of the real wall of this year’s Red Bull Parkour Contest. It has extremely high requirements for the players’ courage, physical strength and technology.American referee Dominique said: I think this venue is great, it is designed specifically for parkour sports.  In the first round of competition, contestants must choose their own route within one minute, choose their own actions, cross the cement wall array and demonstrate their movement skills. The three referees will score based on the player’s difficulty in movement, creativity, fluency and expressiveness.Twenty-four players showed up one by one, 12 of them stood out, and Li Youqing won 26 consecutive consecutive difficult rolls.8 points, Sun Qi took 25.7 points followed.  In the knockout stage, the top 12 players perform a one-to-one PK in accordance with the principle of high and low alignment, and each person has two performance opportunities each time, every 30 seconds.In this face-to-face matchup, Li Xingnan, who ranked fourth in the first round, had strong movements and rich expressions. After each game, he tightened his fists and shouted.Action film director and actor, referee Yue Song said: I like Li Xingnan’s character very much.When we make action movies next time, we will definitely consider inviting contestants this time.  In the third round, the top six battles have become fierce, and all players have made great moves.Sun Qi, the penultimate appearance, first completed the rare side of the bullet belly group, won a round of applause, and then caused the cloud to go down, and then flipped over the wall as a connection, and then used the defensive jump action to set off another climax.In the end, the head-to-tail high-end and back-flip forwards were fixed.The overall movement is not only difficult but also smooth, the three referees pointed out.A high score of 9.  Li Youqing, who was on the final line, also took out the housekeeping skills. He climbed to the highest point of 12 meters high, opened with a Russian stand upright, took a dive and flipped forward, then went to the high platform to complete Thomas, downhill, and stepped on the wall.Somersault.Unfortunately, only 26.1 point, ranked second.Li Xingnan took 25.8 points ranked third.  Sun Qi is very satisfied with his performance and is also full of expectations for the finals.In the third round, I used a side-bumping movement of the belly band. This is my new practice recently. No one in the country should have used it in the game before. Sun Qi said, I think this venue feels very good.It’s complicated and has a lot of dollars, which is more suitable for my play.I hope I can play well in the finals.  22-year-old Australian parkour master Dominique has been practicing parkour for seven years and has nicknamed the former emperor in the parkour circle.He also went down to the field to complete his signature action during the game gap, causing a scream.Dominique said: I think the level of this game is very high, this venue is great, the players have made the best moves under the guarantee of safe alignment, this is really a crazy game.  The 2015 Red Bull Parkour Contest was divided into four sub-stations, which were held in Beijing, Guiyang, Xi’an, and Shanghai. The top three of each station directly advanced to the finals. In addition, four players who performed well in the sub-stations won wild cardsResurrection opportunities can also enter the final competition for a total of 100,000 bonuses.The second race will be held in Guiyang on July 11th. Players can upload the registration video through Meipai from June 1st to 7th.